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From: Greg Writer
Re: Joining The Affiliate Program

I would like to extend a very warm invitation for you to join our affiliate program. With very little work on your part, you could be receiving HUGE commission checks simply by sending visitors to AngelMoneyBootCamp.com

We have a 2-tier affiliate. You will earn 40% on the first tier, and an additional 10% on the second tier. This means you will be able to able to earn money on the sales you directly refer, and also on the sales by the affiliates you referred.

With the ability to earn a total of 50% (40% + 10% = 50%) , you can see how fast your commissions can add up.

Important Angel Money Boot Camp Affiliate Instructions:

To get your unique affiliate tracking URL's and customized emails to send out to your database to promote the Angel Money Boot Camp and make some MONEY follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program (register here)

  2. Sign in with your affiliate login (scroll down to the bottom of this page) and click on “Login and Check Your Stats”

  3. Once you’re inside the affiliate control panel click on the “Links & Tools” tab at the top

  4. Then, next to where it says “Choose a Program” near the top, use the drop down menu and select “Angel Money Boot Camp”. Make sure to select “Angel Money Boot Camp” because otherwise you’ll be getting links that send people to AngelNetwork.com. Do NOT use the links from AngelNetwork.com

  5. In the results that show up… The first item is merely a link with your tracking code. The last two items are emails that you can send out.
    • They already include your affiliate tracking code so the only thing you need to do is copy and paste it into your mailing system and change the (name) at the top of the email to the code for your mailing system that inserts the first name of the people on your list… or of course replace it with the name of whomever you want.

    • Test your link... Before you promote any product, you should always test your affiliate link and make sure it redirects to the correct URL. In this case, the URL you should be taken to is http://www.angelmoneybootcamp.com

  6. Now you’re ready to email! Just do what you need to do on your end and send it out!

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